W/we offer the following types of M/memberships:


1) Guest M/memberships - Are visitors to the Rose and Thorns Society that have not yet completed the New M/member process. May not attend closed meetings and/or **events.

2) Diplomatic M/memberships - Are M/members in good standing of other established groups that are representing their groups in the hopes of maintaining good relations and furthering the openness of the lifestyle in Idaho and surrounding states. Those who wish to seek a Diplomatic M/memberships will pay a special due and not be allowed to attend any of the closed meetings or **events of the Rose and Thorns Society.

3) Basic M/memberships - Must complete new M/membership process and be current on their dues. These M/members may attend all open meetings and/or **events, but are not allowed to attend certain closed meetings and/or **events.

4) Active M/members - Are M/members who have met the requirements of the New M/member process and are current in the payment of their M/membership fees. Active M/members are also known as M/members in good standing. These M/members may attend all meetings and **events.

5) Premier M/memberships - Are M/members who are in good standing with the Rose and Thorns Society and are current on their M/membership fees may attend **events at a discount.

**events are a separate cost and it is due before or at the time of the event. Event costs will vary, event cost will be announced as needed.


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