O/our Mission

To provide information and support in Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon areas through education, knowledge, respect, honor and fellowship to A/anyone over the age of 21 regardless of gender, sexual preference, color, creed, origin or positon interested in the lifestyle. A safe, sane and consensual network of like minded adults. Dominates and submissives/slaves from all walks of life. O/our hope is grow together to eliminate the club clique, providing a safe non-threatening atmosphere without persecution or judgement. A home for for those to grow and learn together the act of Dominance and submission. 

The Rose and Thorns Society is a private voluntary organization of like-minded individuals who share an active interest in BDSM and D/s activities. The Rose and Thorns Society focus is on education, entertainment, technique and safety in the practice of BDSM and D/s activities.

The Rose and Thorns Society pledges to honor and have diversity with tolerance and dignity. The Rose and Thorns Society will attempt to educate by demonstration and by making information available to those who seek it.

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